DSL Test Head

Most Test Heads offer basic test functions such as resistance, capacitance, ac / dc voltage measurements, short circuits, legs to earth etc. More advanced Test Heads also include a Golden Modem. This allows the test head to connect to the DSLAM port and check it is working correctly.

The output from the test head can also vary. In the more sophisticated units we recommend it is possible to customise the output to match the operators experience. A simple red, amber green result may suffice most fault desks

Golden Modem DSLAM Test 
Central Office Testing

Test Head

The Test Head can be used in a stand alone mode accessed over IP or built into the Telco's OSS, interface definitions exists for TL1 or XML and are well defined. The Testhead can also be configured to manage any TASM or TAMs connected via the control Bus.

Security levels can be set for different user groups along with languages and error messages.

The output is also flexible and can be changed to display only the data required by the user. The user simply needs a good web browser to see the results.

The Golden Modem is an optional extra and fitted to order.