DSL Test Access Switch Matrix

The Test Access Switch Matrix (TASM) or Test Access Module (TAM) are fitted in the customers line circuit between the Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexor (DSLAM) and the customers equipment. It allows the circuit to be switched to a piece of test equipment. Once switched it is possible to test 'out' to the customer (including all the wire and connections) and 'in' to the DSLAM. The fault can be quickly identified and remedial action set off to fix the fault.


DSL Test Access

Test Access Switch Matrix

Once a TASM or TAM are fitted the line circuit can be accessed and tested. The fault desk operative can switch the faulty circuit to the Test Head and perform a series of tests to locate the fault. The number and types of tests available will be determined by the Test Head functionality.

TASM units are available in many variants, it is possible to fit them directly to a DSLAM port with no additional wiring required, as part of a dedicated rack, as a handover rack and onto blocks in a main distribution frame.

TASM units can be customised or developed for specific deployments. We will assist you with all planning and offer the best solution for your network.

TASM and TAM can be retrofitted in most networks. Our network specialists can explain all the available options.